PowerMarket develops software and solutions to help the energy industry more efficiently implement and administer clean energy projects and programs.


Eric Dahnke

CEO and Founder

Eric has a background in both the utility and software industries. He has a masters degree in Energy Management and Policy from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. When he's not thinking about how software can be used to improve the delivery of clean energy programs, he spends his time in search of music venues and restaurants off the beaten path in New York city.

Jason Kaplan

General Counsel and Director of Operations

Jason Kaplan has extensive experience in the financing and management of renewable energy assets. Previously, Jason was the General Counsel and Head of Policy at United Wind, where he led all legal and advocacy work related to United Wind’s distributed wind energy business including corporate governance and lobbying, as well as overseeing $200M+ raised in project and corporate finance from global energy corporates like Statoil, Total, and TEPCO. Jason graduated from Vermont Law School, cum laude with a joint degree in law and masters in environmental law and policy, and Colgate University, cum laude B.A. Geology.


Chris Barrett

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Chris has extensive experience managing software integrations within the energy industry, having previously managed the development of the Victorian Government's carbon abatement certificate trading platform in his native Melbourne, Australia. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Melbourne. He's an avid Hawthorn Hawks supporter, but no one is entirely sure who they are.

Hugh Scott

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Hugh has an established track record of executive leadership in the energy industry. He ran technology and operations for 2M residential energy customers at Direct Energy before joining the fast-growing startup Energy Plus where he oversaw a platform that scaled to 1.5M customers from a standing start. Hugh then ran the third party solar leasing business for NRG before being asked to run operations for NRG's strategic growth platform NRG Home Solar, where among other things he started and grew the community solar business. A native of Scotland, Hugh is on a life-long journey of reluctantly embracing American sports and culture that he secretly loves.


Nick Baudouin

Director of Business Development and Co-Founder

Nick heads up business development efforts at PowerMarket after spending time with an Icelandic company doing geothermal and solar project development around the globe. He graduated with his Masters in Energy, Trade and Finance from Cass Business School in London. Although he played professional baseball while living in Ireland, his baseball talents are mediocre at best.

Sam Place

Business Development Manager and Policy Analyst

Sam joined PowerMarket in 2017, focusing on account management, asset management and business development. Prior to working at PowerMarket, Sam was a project development analyst at SunPower where he helped build out SunPower's east coast commercial & industrial solar portfolio. Sam also worked at Solaire Generation, where he specialized in business development and design of solar parking structures in the commercial & industrial solar markets. Sam received his bachelors degree at Columbia University, with a special concentration in Sustainable Development through the Earth Institute.


Patrick Li

Lead Software Engineer

Patrick is an accomplished software developer at PowerMarket. He studied Computer Science at LAGCC and Actuarial Science at Baruch College before finally settling on a Computer System Technology degree from The City College of New York. He enjoys playing video / PC games. After becoming a father he is no longer the core DPS in his WOW guild, but is now a very talented baby sitter of his two young children.

Tuly Jahan

UX Digital Strategy and Design

Tuly helps us on a day to day basis design digital experiences across our platforms. She finds the fact that customers don't care about their energy experience equal parts inspiration and frustration. She has an undergraduate degree in Communication Designs from the City University of New York. She loves volunteering for nonprofit organizations and expanding her already impressive karaoke repertoire.


Travis Tench

Director of Community Outreach

Travis manages outreach, partnerships, and education initiatives to support community solar projects on the PowerMarket. His background is in education and non-profit management, having co-founded the environmental non-profit EcoStation:NY, where he developed and oversaw programs at Bushwick Farmers Market. He recently joined the team after studying renewable energy at NYU. He's also a musician and author of the critically-acclaimed 101 Ocelot Jokes, The Book.

Benjamin Coleman

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Ben is a software engineer with a love for clean code and clean design. After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in marketing, he worked on web design and digital campaign management at an agency. When he's not programming or writing mean things on the internet about Kevin Durant, he enjoys playing basketball and reading.


Haris Siddiqui

Software Engineering Intern

Haris is a software engineering intern at PowerMarket. After finishing his associate's degree in Comp. Sci. at LAGCC, he is now pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science at Queens College. When Haris isn't coding or struggling with his course load, he likes to read fictional books or meditate to cut the noise of the daily grind.

Caroline Thompson

Business Analyst Intern

Caroline supports business development and policy research at PowerMarket. Previously, she worked in project management and facilitation for a nonprofit in Colorado, and coordinated logistics for a conflict management consulting firm. Caroline is currently pursuing an MS in Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management at The New School. In her spare time, she writes and hosts murder mystery parties.