Customer Acquisition

Subscribe your portfolio with our acquisition platform.

Proven campaigns to generate highly qualified leads.

We'll utilize our acquisition platform to fully subscribe your projects. We've acquired 100 MW of mass market subscribers over the last year, with an average of 10 MW each month.

Digital Campaigns

We rely on strategic ad placements to supplement our community-oriented acquisition approach, focused on local media pitches and targeted advertising.

Hyper-Local Approach

Our approach to acquisition is community-driven. Established, trusted organizations serve as the gateway to generating support for your projects.


A community solar marketplace and renewable energy collection to engage with and to find the right project for them.

Our Marketplace

Inspired leads are called to action by signing up to your projects on our marketplace. We paint your project story, display terms and basic information, and ultimately allow community members to sign up.

Channel Partners

Our partnership network extends to both national and local organizations. Here are a few of our partners to date:

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