Billing & Payment Services

Create your billing and payment solution around your customers

Billing and Payment Workflows

Manage your backoffice processes in our all-in-one renewable energy platform.


Process ACH, credit card, check payments to work around your customers needs.


Dynamic invoice generation to fully automate recurring billing and invoice management.


Create your billing cycles to manage your assets individually. Every project has different requirements,

Billing Cycle Management

Take control of how you bill your customers. Get your payments faster and ensure reliability for your cash flows and for your customers. We can engineer software solutions to work within your current process to automate how you bill your customers. Support for multiple billing cycles let you operate to best fit your customers and your projects.


Let us handle invoice creation. Using calculated allocation and billing rates, we create a branded invoice to show usage and amount owed and banked.

  • Branded invoices

  • Customized Metrics

  • Automatically generated

  • Recurring billing

  • Allocation visualization

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