Customer Enrollment

Get the right customers using the right tools.

Connect with your customers in new and exciting ways

Getting started with the right customers can be tough, let's make a solution together.


Choose from a wide-variety of engagement tools or let's work together to make a new one.



We design enrollment tools for a wide range of renewable energy products.


Narrow your search to only include individuals and business that are a fit for your project.


Our award-winning software focuses on subscriber engagement. We enable a wide variety of engagement tools, including:

  • "Sign-my-panels" functionality

  • Virtual site tours

  • Interactive savings sliders

  • Video integrations

  • Social media sharing

Qualified Subscribers

Our process guarantees only qualified individuals and businesses are enrolled to your projects. We will work with your team to determine the necessary conditions for each subscriber, such as:

  • Historic energy usage

  • Financial indicators (i.e. FICO scores)

  • Payment information (ACH and credit card)

  • Signed subscriber agreement

Ready to get started?

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