Software for Clean Energy Programs

Our cloud native platform drives efficiencies and creates superior customer experiences. The result is better customer engagement at lower cost.

Open Energy Platform ™

Our platform's modular architecture and configurable components allow us to support a wide variety of clean energy products and services.

  • Flexible

    Our component architecture enables highly customizable solutions.

  • Scalable

    Elastic capabilities to scale as your portfolio scales.

  • Secure

    Compliant and secure infrastructure, data and processes.

Customizable Modular Architecture

Our a-la-carte components, robust API layer and middleware architecture allows clients to leverage their existing systems rather than duplicating data and processes.

  • Billing Module

  • Portal Module

  • Workflow Module

  • Customizable Customer Dashboard

  • Customizable Customer Portal

Support for Different Models

Program design is variable. Proper use of software patterns and well defined object boundaries allows our software to support a wide variety of product models.

  • % discount to NMC

  • Direct Ownership

  • Loan / Lease / PPA

  • Support for Volumetric (kWh) models

  • Support for Dollar Denominated ($) models


The functionality needed to support enterprise quality next generation clean energy programs.

  • Data Model

    Our object hierarchy or data model mimics that of the utility. Customers have multiple accounts (meters) that can have different clean energy projects and services attached to them.

  • API Layer

    Our platform supports a robust API layer consisting or API endpoints and services that can connect to network enabled enterprise ERP and CRM systems.

  • Role Based Authorization

    Our platform supports a variety of role authorizations to allow different users to have different access (customers, field agent, backoffice, program admin, etc).