Data Services and Integration

Subscribe your portfolio with our acquisition platform

Proven campaigns to generate highly qualified leads

Utilize our acquisition platform, the PowerMarket to quickly subscribe your project.

  • Proven

    2+ MW of mass market subscribers over the last 9 months with contracted acquisition campaigns exceeding 10 MW by end of the year.

  • Social Media

    Strategically paces ads to target key demographics to establish initial touch points.

  • Marketplace

    A community solar marketplace and renewable energy collection to engage with and to find the right project for them.

The PowerMarket

Leverage our customer acquisition platform to get quality leads while engaging new customers.

  • Hyper-local Approach

    Drive customer engagement and trust throughout the acquisition process using catered strategies and marketing.

  • Qualified Customers

    Make sure customers fit your criteria based on energy usage, financial indicators, payment information and subscriber agreements.

  • Channel Partners

    Leverage our parternships in local communities to serve as gateways for interest in your program.