Program Design

Leverage our team's wealth of energy policy experience to help your organization achieve its clean energy program goals.

Working at the intersection of Policy, Implementation and Technology

We are active in various state and utility led working groups related to clean energy program design and implementation. We understand the nuances of on-bill crediting and financing, and can bring that experience to help your organization design bankable programs that are appealing and transparent for customers.

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We worked in collaboration with 3Degrees Inc to design a microsite for DTE Energy in Michigan to help roll out their "MI GreenPower" program. By using a microsite, we were able to deliver an appealing user interface while maximizing data security. Interested customers are able to sign up directly from the microsite by entering basic contact information. Through collaboration with DTE Energy, we determined the best option was to offer customers what percentage of their bill they would like to offset with renewable power.

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Also in collaboration with 3Degrees Inc, we worked with Rocky Mountain Power to design a program that would allow any customer in Utah to enroll in community solar. The microsite allowed for direct customer sign up and verification via utility account number or account holder name. Once enrolled customers had access to several interactive features including the ability to digitally "sign their panels". In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power was awarded the Green Power Leadership Award through the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) for this program.